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A new year has begun. It’s not only time to think about new year’s resolutions, but also about the plans for Expat Club. Our international community is growing very fast. There are more events on the calendar than ever before, including local socialising events, lectures, workshops and walks. And there are more trips to increasingly more destinations. Most important, we have also more members hosting events. If you feel like becoming part of our members team, read this article.

Also our online community is growing fast and especially for this aspect of Expat Club we have big plans. Some things will change on the website and our RSVP policy. Here are a few points:

  • Every member will need a clear picture. No distant pics, no covered faces, no cats or any other item, just a neat picture. We are an open and transparent community and do not want our members to hide behind anything. If you can see what other people look like, they should be able to see who you are as well. That’s why LinkedIn and (to a great extent) Facebook are working, and as Expat Club we want to follow that example.
  • We will screen even more careful for incomplete profiles. We can no longer accept unfinished names and will also want to make sure your email address is not just used for junk mail. If you join our events you will namely receive practical information at the email address we have in our files. If it is not correct you are likely not going to be receiving important information.
  • For increasingly more free events we will only allow members to participate. Our local events are becoming more and more popular. As we are offering many events for free, we think it is only fair to ask you to become part of the online community as well and to show which events you are attending.
  • Changes to our membership site. We are going to change our homepage to make it easier for you to navigate through our events, whereas we are going to work on a special membership page to improve the online membership experience.

If you have not joined any of our activities, please do join us. Our key philosophy is that everyone should have a good time as an expat here in Brussels. Although we do organise some busy “networking style” socialising events, we are known for the relaxed and respectful environments that we create. It’s not about what role is written on your business card, and it’s not about whether you are single or not. We just want to have a good time, whether you’re 25 or 75, whether you are an introvert or extravert, and whether you live in Brussels for just a few weeks or already for ages. For that reason we organise many different types of event so you can always find something that you like, but also to discover / try out some new things. We are looking forward to welcoming you online and offline! To that end, why not sign up today?

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