Venice 11 things wrong

Top 11 things that can go wrong in Venice

Did you know Venice is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth? It is just one big open-air museum with countless things to see.

But with that said, few cities in the world bring about more holiday irritations than Venice.

Many things can go wrong when you don’t prepare well, making your well-deserved city trip a bit less romantic than initially planned.

Expat Club takes care of all the small details so you can have the best experience possible.

Here are some of those pesky little details that can spoil your Venice experience and how Expat Club takes that worry away!

#1 – Finding out last weekend was much better 

Venice Carnival Expat Club
A stunning display of masks and costumes flood the city of Venice during the Carnival festivities

You put so much effort on your plan to visit Venice, only to find out you just missed the previous festival or significant event in town. 

When we plan our trips to Venice, we make sure we’re going during an extra special season. In the past, we arrived in town during the Redentore Festival. 

More recently, we travel to Venice during the Venice Carnival, one of the world’s most famous celebrations. Our program includes a tour of all the prominent city landmarks, plus some carnival-specific activities. 

#2 – Ending up in a dreadful hotel

Hotel Venice Expat Club
Some hotels are supposed to be 3* and end up looking more line 0.5*

You wouldn’t be the first tourist figuring out your hotel is on the mainland, which has not much to do with Venice. 

Or maybe worse, that you thought you had booked a nice hotel but ended up in a total dump. Even when you checked it out on a travel review platform in advance, and it wasn’t so terrible!

Expat Club has experience with two well-reviewed hotels in a superb area on the main island; one of these hotels a superb 4* hotel! 

#3 – Standing in endless lines

Venice Ducal Palace Expat Club
A section of the outer part of the line to enter the Ducal Palace. Yes, the line is equally long in the roofed area!

Waiting seems to be a tourist attraction in itself in Venice. Anywhere you go in the city seems to have a massive queue attached.

Luckily, we know the drill and know precisely how to handle this. Expat Club arranges timed-entry for the entire group, which means you get to skip the long line and enjoy.

You can truly relax and take in the stunning sights of, for instance, the San Marco Basilica. Your only care is going to be to make those wonderful memories of this great destination!

#4 – Missing out on top attractions

Venice San Marco Campanille Expat Club
The stunning view of San Marco Square from the Campanile Tower. Tickets to go up the tower sell out fast.

Imagine you stood on the line for a good 45 minutes to see one of the top attractions in Venice only to find out the tickets are sold out.

This is the unfortunate harsh reality of a city like Venice, which receives around 20 million tourists every year. And tickets selling out are not just for the main landmarks, this is the case for special activities, too.

As we already mentioned in point #3, Expat Club does all the work of getting the tickets, so you don’t miss out on these important landmarks and events.

#5 – Getting your wallet out again and again

Your wallet always gets a workout when you travel. Give it a little break with and Expat Club trip

Let’s be honest, when travelling your wallet is very likely to see some heavy action, whether it’s food, entrance tickets, or souvenirs.

When you travel with Expat Club, tickets to places like the Basilica and the Ducal Palace will be included in the trip cost. Not to mention some very special events and activities you cannot miss in town.

You can even pre-book other additional activities. One of these activities is the Campanile tower (one of those with very long lines and often sold out), and even a masked ball during the Venice Carnival.

#6 – Losing your way in Venice

Venice Aerial View Expat Club
You can always find your way in this maze of a city… eventually!

Yes, getting lost while you wander a beautiful destination like Venice can bring you some pleasant surprises.

While we do admit this is one of those “charming” irritations, getting lost in a crowded city like Venice can make you feel like you’re a tiny mouse in a giant maze.

Expat Club has a lot of experience hosting trips to Venice, so we know all the good spots and how to navigate around the city, so you definitely won’t lose your way!

#7 – Being on a boat in the wrong direction

Venice Public Transport Vaporetto Expat Club
Introducing the Venice public transport system: Vaporetto boats!

Trust us, getting on a boat in Venice thinking you’re going in one direction and realizing it’s the wrong one is a huge pain.

Just imagine. You wanted to go to that church on the other side of the water, but instead, you end up on a boat to Burano that doesn’t stop for the next 20 minutes. 

This is one of the many pitfalls you will avoid when you travel to Venice with Expat Club. We make sure you discover the beautiful landmarks of the city using the right transportation!

#8 – Skipping entire neighbourhoods

Venice Burano Expat Club
The colourful island of Burano is a must-visit part of the city of Venice

Venice is relatively small, but the sheer amount of tourists can make it incredibly overwhelming to navigate.

It’s almost inevitable that in the midst of it all, you end up skipping entire neighbourhoods. The Venice Expat club program includes 2 guided tours, which include some lesser-known parts of the city.

With us, you get to visit the Lido resort, the glass island Murano and the colourful lace island Burano. We also visit the outer parts of the main island(s), so you see the entire Venice Archipelago.

#9 – Not having a clue what you are looking at

Venice Tour Guide Expat Club
Our local Venice tour guide shares with us lots of great insights as we embark on our walking tour of the city

Sometimes you’ll travel guide will get you far in discovering the main touristic attractions, but there are always hidden jewels in the city.

Expat Club arranges exclusive guided tours by the official Venezia Tour Guides Association. Our tour guides are typical local Venice residents who have extensive knowledge of the city and its secrets.

Our trip includes general Venice introduction tour and a 3-hour special tour to Piazza San Marco. The latter includes the Ducal Palace, and of course, the Basilica.

#10 – Going to a rip-off tourist trap

Venice Restaurant Expat Club
No tourist traps for us! A lovely evening with great food and company during our Expat Club Venice trip

Finding bad food in Italy is surely a challenge. Almost everywhere you go in the country you’ll stumble upon a very a delicious treat.

Still, we’re sure you have heard the horror stories of €20 cappuccinos and unclear restaurant bills. Not to mention, the atrocious service that’s inevitable in certain tourist traps.

When you join an Expat Club trip that wouldn’t happen. Just join our group and enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine while enjoying the company of your new expat friends.

#11 – Negotiating all the time

Venice Gondola Ride Expat Club
Go with the flow. Ride the gondola in Venice without the hassle of negotiating a price on the spot. It’s all taken care of by us!

Part of an authentic local experience usually involves some a little bit of haggling. Well, sometimes it can be a full-on negotiation!

But be honest… do you really like negotiating about how much something costs or for how long the ride is? Probably not. There’s too much to see in Venice to waste your time doing this.

With Expat Club, pre-book that gondola ride, and you get to just do that: ride the canals for the perfect Venice ambience!


Venice can be beautiful and breathtaking experience when you can avoid these pitfalls.

What are you waiting for?

Expat Club goes to Venice again! Join us on a fabulous Venice Carnival experience with us!

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