What’s the fuss about the bus?

Travelling by bus is comfortable and safe, but there are many rules a bus company has to adhere to. We sometimes explain this during trips so you understand why we depart at certain times or stop at specific points and intervals. Here are some key rules:

  • A driver may drive 9 hours per day and once per week 10 hours.
  • A driver may work 15 hours per day. If the driver leaves by 07h00 from the garage, he must return by 22h00.
  • A driver may drive 4,5 hours in one go. After that he needs to rest minimal 45 minutes, or he should take his rest in 2 sessions of 15 en 30 minutes.
  • The length of the day may be extended in two ways. First, if the driver has a resting period of 9 hours in between the outbound and inbound journeys. Second, if the driver is accompanied by a second driver the total length of the day can be increased significantly.

Bus travel

As a professional organiser Expat Club guarantees our trips respect these rules. Also, Expat Club only works with the most reliable companies that do the same. In fact, if they don’t they can expect very high fines when they are caught (sometimes thousands of euros). In fact, there are regular inspections. For instance, last year during our trip to the Belgian Airforce Days our bus was taken off the highway by a special police department for a complete routine check. The driver had to hand over his permit and driver’s pass (see picture) after which his driving history is checked several months back. The above explains why we often return 9 hours after arrival (e.g. Luxembourg or Cologne) or hire a second driver (e.g. Champagne and Opal Coast).

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